Abhijit Majumder


Associate Professor,

Department of Physics and Astronomy,

Wayne State University,

666 W. Hancock Street,

Detroit, MI 48201.

Room 316.

Phone: 313 577 4569

email: abhijit dot majumder at wayne dot edu

Research Interests:

My research interests are broadly concentrated on the theoretical study of extended systems of QCD matter at all temperatures and densities which are experimentally accessible. Systems range from cold confined nuclear matter to hot deconfined quark gluon plasmas. The theoretical techniques used in such studies range from perturbative QCD calculations, lattice QCD simulations, to the use of effective theories and phenomenological models.

Current Efforts

All such systems at very short distances are composed of elementary partons: quarks and gluons. My current goals consist of determining the change in this substructure as one goes from cold confined to hot deconfined matter. The primary experiments are Deep-Inelastic Scattering (DIS) on large nuclei and high transverse momentum hadron production in heavy-ion collisions.

To get a concise impression of my research see some of my selected presentations below:

Summary talk at Quark Matter 2009 @ Knoxville, Tennessee

Plenary talk at Quark Matter 2006 @ Shanghai, China

Talk at CERN: workshop on First heavy-ion collisions at the LHC

Publications: from inspire

CV with a publication list in PDF


Fall 2014: Physics 6600 Course webpage

Winter 2014: Physics 1020 (lecture on blackboard)

Fall 2013: Physics 6600

Winter 2013: Physics 6610,

Fall 2012: Physics 6600,

Winter 2012: Physics 6610,

Fall 2011: Physics 6600,

Past courses taught at Ohio State University:

Spring 2011: Physics 880.20, QCD and Collider Physics

Spring 2010: Physics 880.20, Finite temperature field theory

Winter 2009: Physics 132I, Intro. to Electricity and Magnetism