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Degree/Theses Completed by our students

  Degree Thesis Title Institution Award Advisor(s)
Alex Stolpovsky Ph. D. Neutral Pion Production in p+p and d+Au Collisions at RHIC (download) Wayne State University 2005 Cormier
Ying Guo Ph. D. "Identified Particle Correlations at Intermediate Transverse Momentum in Relativistic Collisions" (download) Wayne State University June 2005 Bellwied
Vishist Mandapaka M.Sc. "Job Scheduler for STAR" Wayne State University 2003 Pruneau
Lonnie Cumberland M.Sc. "Dynamics of Phase Transitions" Wayne State University 2004 Gavin
David Bower Ph.D. "Dynamics of the QCD Phase Transition in Relativistic
Heavy Ion Collisions"
Wayne State University 2003 Gavin
Saumitra Kumar Chowdhury M.Sc. "Antilambda production at AGS" Wayne State University August 2001 Gavin
Jeff Sheen Ph. D. "Lambda and Anti-Lambda Production in relativistic Au-Au collisions at the AGS" Wayne State University Dec 2000 Bellwied
Bonglea Kim Ph.D. "Neutron Production in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions of  Au+Pb" Wayne State University October, 2000 Pruneau/Bennett
Sadek Nehmeh Ph.D. "Lambda particle polarization in relativistic Au-Au collisions at the AGS" Wayne State University July 2000 Bellwied
Ghada Hijazi M.Sc. "Pion production in relativistic Au-Au collisions at the AGS." Wayne State University July 2000 Bellwied
Hazim Jaradat PhD "Search for Neutral Strangelets" Wayne State University July 26th, 2000 Pruneau
Patricia Fachini PhD "Search for Disoriented Chiral Condensates in Au+Au central collisions at AGS" University of Sao Paulo 1998 Pruneau
Marcelo Munhoz Ph.D. "Search for Heavy Neutral Objects in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions" University of Sao Paulo 1998 Pruneau
Jun Takahashi Ph. D. "Development and Application of Silicon Drift Detectors in High Energy Physics experiments" University of Sao Paulo Aug 1998 Bellwied
Avronil Bhattacharjee M.Sc. "Detecting Particle Tracks with a modified local Hough Transform" Wayne State University December 1995 Pruneau/Sethi
Radim Cernej M.Sc. "Study of the lateral hadronic shower profile of the E864 Calorimeter" Wayne State University April 1996 Pruneau
Joe Bielecki M.Sc. "A Helix Track Fitting Program for the Silicon Vertex Tracker" Wayne State University   Bellwied
Eugene Surdotovith Ph.D.   Wayne State University   Welke
Ganjung Wang Ph. D.   Wayne State University   Welke


Work in Progress

  Degree Sought Topic Expected Completion Advisor
Ahmed Hamed Ph.D. Direct Photon Production in RHIC collisions 2005 Cormier/Voloshin
Sarah Lapointe Ph.D.   ? Bellwied
Mohamed Abdel-Aziz Ph.D. Evolution and Dissapation of Fluctuations at RHIC 2005 Gavin
Saif Khan B.S. Kaon to Pion Relative Yield Fluctuations in Au+Au Collisions 2005 Pruneau



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