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The relativistic heavy ion group at Wayne State University consists of the following members.


Research + Staff

  • Dr. A. Bourrisov
  • Dr. Alexander Dobrin,
  • Dr. Sidharth Prasad
  • Dr. Alexei Pavlinov
  • Dr. Qingli Li
  • Audrey Rumbers


  • Jocelyn Mlynarz
  • R. Pokharel
  • Chris Yaldo
  • Deeptanshu Jha
  • Verra Loggins

Members of our group have continuing involvement in relativistic heavy ion experiments at Brookhaven National Laboratory and CERN. We were involved in BNL-AGS experiments E814, E877, E864, E896, and E941 now completed. One of us was also involved in CERN experiment NA49 also completed.

Members of the group now participate to the STAR experiment at Brookhaven National Laboratory, as well as the ALICE experiment at CERN.


The STAR detector is one the two major detectors in operation at the BNL relativistic heavy ion collider (RHIC).  Housed in a large solenoid magnet,  it includes a large time projection chamber (TPC), a micro-vertex detector (silicon vertex detector – SVT), and a large electromagnetic calorimeter (EMC), and a number of other components. As a contribution to the Star Experiment, our group has taken responsibility for the construction of the Star Silicon Vertex Tracker (SVT), and the Electromagnetic Calorimeter (EMC).  The group also has responsibility for the implementation of a new integrated tracker (ITTF).  Also worth mentioning is the fact that Prof. Voloshin was primary author of the first STAR paper (Elliptic Flow in Au+Au Collisions at sqrt(snn) = 130 GeV, Submitted September 12, 2000, published January 18, 2001 in Phys. Rev. Lett. 86 (2001) 402).


The ALICE detector is designed to carry heavy ion collisions studies at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The LHC is located at CERN, in Geneva, Switzerland. Members of the group participate, with the ALICE-USA collaboration as well as European collaborators to the construction of an electromagnetic calorimeter (EMcal) for the ALICE experiment.

Members of our group are also conducting theoretical research in heavy ion physics. Learn more about the theoretical effort at the following link: Theory group page. We are particularly proud of the fact out colleague Sean Gavin was the recipient of the pretigious PECASE award.


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