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April 7-14, 2012


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Previous Workshops


Sunday, Apr.8
Time Speaker Title
9-9:30 Reda Tafirout Status of the ATLAS Higgs Search
9:30-10 Jonatan Piedra Higgs Searches in CMS
10-10:30 Sevil Salur Dijet imbalance in 2.76 TeV PbPb collisions in CMS
10:30-11 Coffee
11-11:30 Hermes Leon Vargas Connecting the underlying event with jet properties in pp collisions at 7 TeV with the ALICE experiment
11:30-12 Sidharth Kumar Prasad Charged Particle Jet measurement with the ALICE Experiment in pp collisions at the LHC
12-12:30 Dennis V. Perepelitsa Reconstructed Jet Results in p+p, d+Au and Cu+Cu collisions at 200 GeV from PHENIX
12:30-5 Lunch and Afternoon Break
5-5:30 Marguerite Tonjes Jet fragmentation functions in 2.76 TeV pp and PbPb collisions in CMS
5:30-6 Bryon Neufeld The Z-tagged jet event asymmetry in heavy-ion collisions at the CERN Large Hadron Collider
6-6:30 Edmundo Garcia A Very High Momentum Particle Identification Detector for the ALICE experiment at the LHC
6:30-7 Gary Westfall Particle Ratio Fluctuations and Charge Balance Functions in Heavy Ion Collisions at RHIC

Monday, Apr.9
Time Speaker Title
9-9:30 Mike Lisa STAR Results from the RHIC Beam Energy Scan
9:30-10 Paul Stankus Latest Flow Results from PHENIX
10-10:30 Xiaoping Zhang Probe the partonic/hadronic matter with elliptic flow in STAR Beam Energy Scan
10:30-11 Coffee
11-11:30 Norbert Novitzky Energy Scan of Hadron Suppression and Flow in AuAu Collisions at PHENIX
11:30-12 Soumya Mohapatra Measurement of elliptic and higher order flow harmonics in 2.76TeV Pb-Pb collisions from ATLAS
12-12:30 Eric Appelt Azimuthal anisotropy in charged hadron production in 2.76 TeV PbPb collisions measured by CMS
12:30-5 Lunch and Afternoon Break
5-5:30 Jiangyong Jia Measurement of dipolar flow associated with initial density fluctuations in Pb-Pb collisions from ATLAS
5:30-6 Li Yan Anisotropic flow and viscous hydrodynamcis
6-6:30 Wolfang Cassing Collective properties of nucleus-nucleus collisions from AGS to LHC energies
6:30-7 Christina Markert Results on hadronic resonances in p+p and Pb-Pb collisions from the ALICE experiment at the LHC
7-7:30 Elena Bratkovskaya Dilepton production from SIS to LHC energies

Tuesday, Apr.10
Time Speaker Title
9-9:30 Peter Petreczky Recent progress in finite temperature QCD on the lattice
9:30-10 Rene Bellwied Theoretical and experimental evidence for hadron formation above the QCD critical temperature
10-10:30 Ziwei Lin Update of Initial Conditions in a Multiple Phase Transport (AMPT) Model
10:30-11 Coffee
11-11:30 Hannu Holopainen Dynamical freeze-out in event-by-event hydrodynamics
11:30-12 Carsten Greiner News from BAMPS
12-12:30 Dirk Rischke Effective hadronic theory for di-lepton production
12:30-5 Lunch and Afternoon Break
5-5:30 Gunther Roland Studies of high pT isolated photon and charged hadron production in PbPb collisions with CMS
5:30-6 Takao Sakaguchi Direct Photons: Flow, Thermal Yield and High pT R_AA
6-6:30 Justin Frantz Hadron and Direct Photon - Jet Correlations in PHENIX/RHIC
6:30-7 Ali Hanks sPHENIX to Study Quark Gluon Plasma Properties
7-7:30 Horst Stoecker A progress report on FAiR - The new international multidisciplinary User Facility

Wednesday, Apr.11
Time Speaker Title
9:00-9:30 Axel Drees Thermal Radiation in pp, dAu, and AA; results from PHENIX
9:30-10 Raphaelle Bailhache Open heavy-flavour measurements in Pb-Pb collisions at 2.76 TeV per nucleon pair with ALICE
10-10:30 David Tlusty Open heavy flavor in STAR
10:30-11 Coffee
11-11:30 Joerg Aichelin Energy loss of heavy quarks at RHIC and LHC energies
11:30-12 Anthony Kesich Measurements of Upsilon Production and Nuclear Modification Factor at STAR
12-12:30 Cesar Luiz Da Silva Upsilon and chi_C production, CNM and R_AA from PHENIX.
12:30-5 Lunch and Afternoon Break
5-5:30 Guillermo Breto Rangel Quarkonia production in 2.76 TeV PbPb collisions in CMS
5:30-6 Julian Book J/psi measurements with the ALICE experiment at the LHC
6-6:30 Ivan Vitev High transverse momentum quarkonium production and dissociation in heavy ion collisions
6:30-7 Olga Hajkova J/Psi measurements at STAR
7-7:30 Darren McGlinchey Cold Nuclear Matter Effects on J/psi Production from PHENIX

Thursday, Apr.12
Time Speaker Title
9:00-9:30 Richard Hollis W Asymmetry as a Probe of Sea Quark Polarization
9:30-10 Kenneth Barish sPHENIX spin and forward physics
10-10:30 Yuji Goto Single transverse-spin asymmetry of very forward neutron production in polarized pp collisions at PHENIX
10:30-11 Coffee
11-11:30 Hongwei Ke Charge Asymmetry Dependency of pi+/pi- elliptic flow in Au + Au Collisions at 200 GeV
11:30-12 Sean Gavin Fluctuation Probes of Early-Time Correlations in Nuclear Collisions
12-12:30 Jamal Jalilian-Marian Di-hadron angular correlation: rapidity evolution

Friday, Apr.13
Time Speaker Title
9:00-9:30 Scott Pratt Generalized Charge Balance Functions: Insight into the Chemistry of the QGP
9:30-10 Michael Weber Correlations anf Fluctuations studied with ALICE at the LHC
10-10:30 Rolf Scharenberg Clustering of Color Sources and the EOS of QGP in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions from RHIC to LHC
10:30-11 Coffee
11-11:30 George Moschelli Flow Probes of Early Time Correlations
11:30-12 Chanaka DeSilva Delta_eta and Delta_phi correlations with respect to the ridge as seen in STAR
12-12:30 Claude Pruneau Measurement of Transverse Momentum Correlations in Pb Pb Collisions
12:30-5 Lunch and Afternoon Break
5-5:30 Anthony Timmins Identified Particle Production from the RHIC Beam Energy Scan
5:30-6 Eric Mannel The Physics Potential of the PHENIX Silicon Trackers
6-6:30 Klaus Werner Separating jets from bulk matter in heavy ion collisions at the LHC
6:30-7 John Harris Sympathy for the Devil

Saturday, Apr.14
Time Speaker Title
9-9:30 Ed Norbeck Measuring scattered beams at the LHC
9:30-10 Pavel Danielewicz Symmetry Energy from Nuclear Excitation Spectra
10-10:30 Ramiro Debbe Coherent Diffraction off Au Nuclei with vector mesons in the STAR UPC program
10:30-11 Coffee
11-11:30 Moshe Gai The Science of Homeland Security