Relativistic Heavy Ion Group

Seminar - Dec 7, 2007

Wayne State
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College of Sciences
Physics Department

QCD multiple scattering and nuclear dependence in high energy nuclear collisions

Jianwei Qiu, Iowa State University


Nuclear dependence is an excellent probe of nuclear structure and dynamical properties of strong interacting medium produced in high energy nuclear collisions. Understanding the features of different sources of nuclear dependence is extremely important for discovering and learning new properties of QCD and strong interaction physics. In this talk, I will discuss the close connection between QCD parton-parton multiple scattering and nuclear dependence in high energy nuclear collisions. I will present a systematic calculation of the universal (process independent) nuclear dependence to nuclear parton distribution functions (nPDFs), and show that coherent QCD multiple scattering significantly modifies the gluon distribution and its evolution at small-$x$ and low $Q^2$. To explore the effect of QCD multiple scattering in hadornic collisions, I will present a recent calculation for transverse momentum broadening of heavy vector bosons production, and discuss why the broadening could be smaller in hot dense medium than in cold nuclear matter. Finally, I will make some predictions for the broadening at the LHC energies.  

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