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Summer 2016

Patrick Carzon Momentum Correlations in Nuclear Collisions
Profs. Sean Gavin and George Moschelli
Tyler Kostun Momentum Fluctuations in Heavy Ion Collisions
Profs. Sean Gavin and George Moschelli
Nathan Fisher Feasibility of measurements of fluctuating temperatures in heavy-ion collisions
Prof. Claude Pruneau
Ellen Holmgren Rapidity and transverse momentum of D mesons from D_(s) -> phi pi -> K+K- pi decay
Prof. Robert Harr
Ashley Kaercher Studying the D -> K-pi+ eta decay
Prof. David Cinabro
Warren Li
Experimental Effects on Rapidity Correlations Prof. Bill Llope
Ching Li Charged Lepton Flavor Violation (LFV) in electron-positron collisions
Prof. Alexey Petrov
Grant McNamara Using Dijet Correlations to Study the Quark Gluon Plasma
Prof. Joern Putschke
Jameson Tockstein Untangling nuclear and form factor effects in neutrino nucleon scattering
Prof. Gil Paz
Otho Ulrich UV/Optical Band Reverberation Mapping of NGC 5548 with Frequency-Resolved Techniques
Prof. Ed Cackett

Summer 2015

Evan Bianchi Heavy Ion Collisions: Studying the QGP Through Jets
Prof. Abhijit Majumder
Dillon S. Fitzgerald A Search for Exclusive Fully Reconstructed W Boson Decays in CDF Run II data
Prof. Robert Harr
Anna Marlatt Hostless Supernovae
Prof. David Cinabro
Jake Miller An Analysis of Magnitude Di erentiation in Type Ia Supernova
Prof. David Cinabro
Robert Morgan Relativistic Broadening of the Iron Emission Line from Serpens X-1
Prof. Ed Cackett
Dylan Packard Analysis of Jets and Flow in Hadronic Collisions for Differing Quantities of Dijet Pairs Profs. Sean Gavin and George Moschelli
Kristen Parzuchowski Rapidity Dependence of Chemical Freeze–out in Au–Au Collisions Prof. Bill Llope
Isaac Pawling Searching For p+ p+ Rapidity Dependent Correlations in
Ultra-relativistic Quantum Molecular Data
Prof. Bill Llope
Antonio Tropiano Model independent extraction of the axial mass parameter in
anti-neutrino-nucleus scattering
Prof. Gil Paz

Summer 2014

Abdel Alsnayyan Constraints on light Dark Matter from the Casimir Effect
Prof. Alexey Petrov
Yasiel Cabrera Searching for D0 → K−π+η0 in Belle Data Prof. David Cinabro
Nicholas Faucher Hydrodynamic Flow in Pb-Pb and p-Pb collisions
Prof. Sean Gavin
Jacob Elledge Jet Quenching in Heavy Ion Collisions
Prof. Abhijit Majumder
Zachary Elledge Finding the Affect of Different States of Neutron Stars on Inner Accretion Disk Radius
Prof. Ed Cackett
Hansoul Lee Focus, Guide and Alignment system for DESI
Dr. Reil (SLAC)
Isaac Mooney Analyzing dijet asymmetry in Pb+Pb collisions
Profs. Joern Putschke and Rosi Reed
Dustin Scriven Wayne State Solar Observatory located at Lake St. Clair Metropark Prof. David Cinabro
Stuart Ward Reconstruction of the W Boson from a Rare Decay
Prof. Robert Harr
Jerold Young Model independent extraction of the axial mass parameter in CCQE anti neutrino-nucleon scattering
Prof. Gil Paz

Summer 2013

Muhammad Amin Mathematical Analysis of Efficiencies for components being used within Belle II Prof. Giovanni Bonvicini
Caleb Bowers Precision Measurement of the Width Difference Between D+ and Ds+ Mesons Prof. Robert Harr
Heather Grebe Model independent extraction of the axial mass parameter in CCQE anti neutrino-nucleon scattering
Prof. Gil Paz
Nicholas Elsey Looking for Long Range, Near Side Pseudorapidity Correlations at RHIC in dAu Prof. Joern Putschke
Derek Everett Study of dihadron fragmentation function correlations using charged jets in proton-proton collisions at √s = 7 TeV Prof. Claude Pruneau
Joe Duszynski Report Prof. David Cinabro
Jose Alberto Lopez-Vera Beamstrahlung Monitor Belle II Particle Accelerator Prof. Giovanni Bonvicini
Renee Marie Ludlam X-ray Properties of Intermediate Mass Black Holes in Dwarf AGN Prof. Ed Cackett
Marcus E. McCray Report Prof. Alexey Petrov
Mark Parra-Shostrand Pseudorapidity and Correlation Measurements in High Energy Collisions Prof. Sean Gavin
James Snitzer
Analyzing the Quality of Supernovae Search Image Subtraction Dr. J. Marriner (FNAL)
Ashley R. Walsh Investigating Variability of Quiescent Neutron Stars in the Globular Clusters NGC 6440 and Terzan 5 Prof. Ed Cackett

Summer 2012

Joshua Bell Assessment of triangular fluctuations in heavy-ion collisions Prof. Joern Putschke
Zachary Epstein Model independent extraction of the proton magnetic
radius from electron scattering data
Prof. Gil Paz
Geoffrey Fatin Generator Level Analysis of Simultaneous Triple Vector Boson Production
Prof. Robert Harr
Joseph Flanigan Boosted W Jets in Electroweak W+W- Decays Prof. Robert Harr
Meridith Joyce Testing the Responses of Three PSF Fitting Methods Dr. J. Marriner (FNAL)
Tyler Lazorka Final Report Prof. Alexey Petrov/Prof. Robert Harr
Rachael Merritt Comparison of Field Galaxy and Supernovae Host Galaxy Properties Prof. David Cinabro
Haley Morris Asymmetry Analysis in CDF Data Prof. Robert Harr
Armin Pourshafeie An Analysis of the Distribution of the Perpendicular
Momentum in Heavy Ion Jets
Prof. Abhijit Majumder
Aron Zell
4U 0614+091: The Near UV – X-ray Connection Prof. Ed Cackett

Summer 2011

Alayna Fields
Energy and Rapidity Dependance of Photon Production in a Proton-Proton Collision Prof. Claude Pruneau
Jonathan Gross
Final Report Prof. Paul Karchin
Drew Hanlon
Lifetime Differences of Charmed Mesons in the ’t Hooft Model Prof. Alexey Petrov
Elizabeth Hooker
Final Report Prof. Sean Gavin
Kristina Krylova
Anomalous Gauge Couplings Prof. Robert Harr
Kellen McGee
REU Final Report
Prof. Robert Harr
Tori Reeder
REU Final Report Prof. Paul Karchin
Natalie Rutherford
REU Final Report Prof. Sergei Voloshin
Mark Schott
Search for Bottomonium-Like Resonances at the CDF Detector Prof. Robert Harr
Garrick Smith
REU Final Report
Prof. David Cinabro

Summer 2010

Joshua Blumenkopf Topological Modeling of D Decays Prof. Alexey Petrov
Zaven Bush Core Collapse Supernova vs Galaxy Color Prof. David Cinabro
Levente Dojcsak SDSS-II: Determination Of Shape And Color Parameter Coefficients For SALT-II Fit Model Dr. J. Marriner (FNAL)
Johanna-Laina Fischer Search for Correlations in Supernova Light Curves Beyond the Standard Two-Parameter Model Dr. J. Marriner (FNAL)
Kevin Greene Analysis of Data Taken with Silicon Photomultipliers in the Outer Hadron Calorimeter of the CMS Detector Dr. Caroline Milstene
Mariola Koplejewska Did not complete the program
Brett Sandler REU Summer Research - Final Report Prof. David Cinabro
Daniel Taylor Momentum-Multiplicity Correlations in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions Prof. Sean Gavin
John Zanazzi Analysis of Correlation Structures Using Fit Functions Prof. Rene Bellwied

Summer 2009

Mike Catanzaro Jet and Minijet Contributions to Transverse Momentum Correlations in High Energy Collisions Prof. Sean Gavin
Mike Cosnowski Analysis of Charge Asymmetry in RS D0 Meson Decays Prof. Paul Karchin
Nick Davis Feasibility of the Detroit Area Schools Supernova Survey Prof. David Cinabro
Wissam Fawaz Type Ia Supernova Light Curve properties and Rates compared to local Galaxy Colors Prof. David Cinabro
Nathan Joseph Direct Hadronic Reconstruction of D± Mesons at STAR Prof. Rene Bellwied
Mike Lemanski Elaboration of a Question Bank For AST2010 Prof. Claude Pruneau
Jessica Oakes The search for D -> p p-bar decay Prof. Robert Harr
Emmett Windisch Counting Muons Prof. Robert Harr

Summer 2007

Emmett Windisch Heat Modeling in High Heat-Load X-Ray Optics Peter Revesz and Ivan Bazarov
Brandon Willard Functions Alternative to the Likelihood Prof. G. Bonvicini, Wayne State University
Christian Hammill Outgassing of Stainless Steel Vacuum Chambers and The Vacuum Pumping Performance Evaluation of a Titanium Sublimation Pump Dr. Yulin Li and Dr. Xianghong Liu, Cornell University
Jessica Hall Spectroscopy at Fermilab (SDSS)  
Erin Nagelkirk Cosmic Ray Detector Prof. Robert Harr, Wayne State University
Max Doppke (RET)

Automated Sky Search

Prof. David Cinabro, Wayne State University
Rebecca Reesman On the effect of galaxy properties on type Ia supernovae Prof. David Cinabro, Wayne State University

Dorian Bohler

Missing Report Dr. Aihong Tang, BNL
Wesley Leonard Missing Report Jose Riso and Dr. Petrov, Wayne State University
Adam Jones

Dynamics of 2- and 3-body Do decays

Prof. Alexey Petrov, Wayne State University
Rebecca Coles

FRIC0 Stability Testing on VnUC and VdetCom Control Lines

Dr. John Marriner , FNAL
Louis Ezenabo Manufacturing of optical fibers for the ALICE EMcal Jose Riso and Dr. Petrov, Wayne State University
Courtney Couvreur Missing Report Cornell University

Summer 2006

Andrea Kay Forget Muon Cooloing via Ionisation Don Hartill, Cornell University
Michael Lomucio Reconstruction of the Rho Meson in centralized Au+Au collisions at RHIC Claude Pruneau
Kristen Clark

An Analysis of the Electron Triggering Capabilities of the ALICE Detector

Claude Pruneau
Derek Demarco Analyzing Motion with Transverse Coupling in Circular Accelerators Mike Billing and Mike Forster, Cornell
Louis Ezanabo Report Jose Riso, Wayne State U.
M. Smith Understanding Conversions in CLEO-c W. Sun, Cornell
Randall Cates Exploration of Large Crystal and Single Crystal Niobium Material Rong-Li Geng, Cornell
Hui-Yiing Chang A “Physics 510” Experiment to Study Weak Interactions in Muon Decay Jim Alexander, Cornell
H.Ziola The Slone Digital Sky Survey, Summer REU D. Cinabro, Wayne State
R. Santavicca Capillary Optics Lab Ernie Fontes, CHESS, Cornell

Summer 2005

Achint R. Sur Development for the STAR Database Interface Jerome Lauret, BNL
Brent Gillett Testing of the Broadband HOM Absorber  
Daniel Pastor Anti-Strangeness in Multi-Lambda Events Rene Bellwied, Wayne State
Eric Wisniewski Feasibility of Coherent Microwave Beamstrahlung Detection at CESR: Wakefield Effects Giovanni Bonvicini, Wayne State
Jessica Darland Characterization and Optimization of CESR-c Lattice Design  
Nipuna Rupasinghe Invisible Ion Clearing Electrodes  
Vishwajit Y. Vyas Bunch By Bunch Beam Instrumentation at CESR  

Summer 2004

Matt Adams Tracking Efficiency of CLEO II Detector  
Charles Udanoh Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider  
Dennis Myles Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider  
Ankit Sur Deposition of Non-Evaporable Getter Thin Films and Vacuum Pumping Performances  
Bijoyananda Adhikary Computational Studies of the electron injector for the ERL..  
James Price RF Testing of A Single FPIX1 for BTeV  
Brandon Szeliga Search for Strangelets at RHIC  
Louis Ezenabo TPC Test Laboratory Computer Control  
Laurie Ramroth Bending Strain Analysis of Pixel Modules for BTeV  
Crystal Nassouri A Graphical User Interface for Job Submission and Control at RHIC/STAR using PERL/CGI  
Chanisha Martin Ground Motion Measurement  

Summer 2003

Federico Faina Test Stand for SRF Cavity Electronics  
Vivek Batra Study of Charge Azimuthal Correlations in GeV Au + Au collisions  
Alexander Shanku Precision Measurement of Charmed Meson Masses  
Adam J. Lincoln and Gurpreet S. Mavi The BTeV Pixel Detector  
Marie Helen Ndama Theoretical Study of Net Charge Fluctuations with the Hijing Model  
Larry Jackson The Star Experiment  
Victorio Pidlaoan STAR Reconstruction Software  
Hanna Abebe The Wayne State Plot  
Gerard Bailey Instrumentation of Wiggler Magnet Cryostats  
Galeklauthe Marang Luminosity Calculation from Known Beam Functions  
Jerome Karpiak Analysis of two particle correlations in AuAu collisions.  
Michael Barclay Report  

Summer 2002

John Rumble Kaon-short Production at A GeV Helen Caines, Yale (BNL)  
Ferlilia V. Roberson Study of Lamba Isospin Fluctuations in Central Au+Au collisions. No report submitted. Andrew Rose, WSU (BNL)
Richard Yagley (T) Sabouni Jalili-Kh N. (T) The STAR EMC calorimeter Jose Riso, C. Pruneau
Viveka Borum Comparing CESRc/NLC damping rings, including space chg effects Dave Rubin, Mark Palmer, Mike Forster - CESR
Terry Legette and Dijana Camaj CAVE simulation of life at subatomic scales Chris Jones (Cornell) - CLEO
Michael West Construction of the large angle beamstrahlung detector for CESR Giovani Bonvicini (Wayne State) - CLEO/CESR
Terry Legette, Dijana Camaj Putting "physics" in the CLEO event display Chris Jones (Cornell) - CLEO
Doina Balcacean(T) Si-si bonding for X-ray optics Jim Savino and Tom Krawczyk - CHESS
Michael Barclay (T) Graphics and Parallel Processing of Protein Diffract'n Data Richard Gillian - CHESS
George Galay Low Mass Heat Pipes for BTeV Pixels Dave Cinabro
Sarah LaPointe Report Dave Cinabro

Summer 2001

Nicholas Powell Upsilon analysis Galik (
Mark Hanna The Search For Strangeness Enhancement Gene Van Buren, BNL
Terrance Strother Baryon Fluctuations in Heavy Ion Collisions Sean Gavin (
Jeremy M. Dick Global Accelerator Network Hartill (
Shalhout Shalhout Charm jet tagging Cinabro (
Nadine Credi Study of Neutron Count and Tail Fluctuations Zhangbu Xu, BNL
Megha Sehdev Proton - Anti-Proton Correlation in Au-Au Collisions. Frank Laue, BNL
Christina Lopez Longitudinal Beam Motion Billing (
Lakjinder Kang Time Independent Two Neutrino Oscillations Bonvicini (
Wilbert Sherrod (RET) RHIC Complex Jim Thomas, BNL
Edith Carter High Resolution X-ray Fluorescence Scanning Microscopy
J. Oosterhout Automated Crystal Mounting and Centering Project at CHESS
Massoud Assadi (RET) The Star Experiment At RHIC Jim Thomas, BNL

Summer 2000

Ron Arscheene (T) Introduction to science for high school students G. Bonvicini, WSU
Larry Borum (T) CP violation in two body D decays D. Jaffe, UCSD
Chris Bush Rare semileptonic D(s) decays G. Bonvicini, WSU
Luis Cely Antiproton production in Au+Au at RHIC C. Pruneau, WSU
Sonya Gargies Test board for STAR SVT R. Bellwied, WSU
Brenda Garza Kinematic Fitting S. Pappas, A. Weinstein, Caltech
Kate Korbiak Observation of the hourglass effect D. Cinabro, WSU
Gary Lalli (T) Introduction to science for high school students G. Bonvicini, WSU
Leronki Leonard Rare semileptonic D(s) decays G. Bonvicini, WSU
David Mayfield Vertical injection at CESR D. Rice, Cornell
Bukola Olojo Angular distribution of lepton pairs in CLEO III D. Cinabro, WSU
Robert Santavicca (T) Introduction to science for high school students G. Bonvicini, WSU
Wilber Sherrod (T) Introduction to science for high school students G. Bonvicini, WSU
Eric Wisniewski (T) Introduction to science for high school students G. Bonvicini, WSU

Summer 1999

Maria Castro D_s Semileptonic Decays Giovanni Bonvicini, Wayne State
Nathan Detgen-Merrill Beamstrahlung Detector Giovanni Bonvicini, Wayne State
Tiana Fluker CLEO II Time-of-Flight Ed Thorndike, Rochester
Natalie Griffith CLEO III Online GUI Alan Weinstein, Caltech
Katherine Korbiak Dynamic Emittance David Cinabro, Wayne State
Kris Melnyk (T) An Internet HEP Experiment Saj Alam, Albany
Olushakin Olojo Geometrical Corrections for dE/dx Roy Briere, Harvard
Charles Payson (T) SCQ Thermal Properties Jim Welch, Cornell
Kate Plass D_s Semileptonic Decays Giovanni Bonvicini, Wayne State
Daniela Silva CLEO III Tracking John Thaler, Illinois

Summer 1998

A. Bursott Magic Flange Tests Jeff Cherwinka, Cornell
A. Cipollone CLEO III RICH gas purity monitor Ron Poling, Minnesota
D. Isabel CLEO III Cathode Hit Calibration Alan Weinstein, Caltech
E. Luckwald Beamstrahlung at CESR Giovanni Bonvicini, Wayne State
M. Morgan CLEO II Charged Particle Tracking Ed Thorndike, Rochester
S. Pruitt Cloud Chamber Ian Shipsey, Purdue
R. Thomas CLEO III SVX Construction George Brandenburg, Harvard
M. Simpson Cloud Chamber Ritchie Patterson, Cornell


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