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Computing Documentation

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The World Wide Web

  • Introduction To HTML and URLs: Great place to start learning how to create and link web pages
  • Doctor HTML: Excellent way to check web pages for errors
  • Web Pages that Suck: Learn good web page design by looking at bad design. Great site for learning what not to do and why. Also many links and hints on good design.

Very Useful Web Sites

  • Merriam-Webster: Online dictionary and thesaurus
  • Google: Classic place to search the world wide web
  • Yahoo!: Classic organized list of web sites
  • Ask: Ask it a question and it returns a list of web sites. A personal favorite.


Computing Documentation

  • UNIXhelp for users: Basic introduction to the unix operating system
  • C++ Introduction: Much of CLEO's new software will be written in the programming language C++. Here is a beginners introduction and tutorial. There is lots more to be found about C++ on the web.
  • Java documentation: Java is a program language that is exceptionally useful for WWW based applications as all the browsers are able to run Java programs. This is Sun's page and newcomers might like to start with the tutorial.


Coding Examples

HTML Example


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