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Science News

The following web sites and organizations provide astronomy and science news.

Magazines devoted to, or covering Physics, Astronomy, and Other Sciences

  • Astronomy Magazine ( : a large circulation magazine devoted to the universe.
    It is designed especially for astronomy hobbyists and amateur astronomers.
  • Sky & Telescope Magazine ( is an older and somewhat higher-level magazine for astronomy hobbyists. This site features observational guides, software and equipment reviews, and lists astronomy clubs around the country.
  • Scientific American Magazine ( frequently offers articles on astronomy related topics. The articles are written at a slightly higher level than the material covered in this course, but often being presented by the astronomers who carried the work being described.
  • Mercury Magazine ( is a popular-level magazine published by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. It features articles and columns for astronomers, educators, and astronomy amateurs. This magazine often addresses philosophical issues and the influence of astronomy on other areas of human thought.
  • Science News:
    Griffith Observer:
    Astronomy Now:

Debunking Pseudo-Science

  • Astronomical Pseudo-science: A Skeptic's Resource List: An annotated list of written and Web resources for dealing with astrology, UFO's, the Face on Mars, ancient astronauts, and many similar fringe topics.
  • Skeptical Enquirer Magazine: Dedicated to debunking all forms of pseudo-science, including topics that mix up science with new age philosophy, paranormal beliefs, conspiracy theories, and utter silliness. The host organization is the awkwardly named, but very effective Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP). Composed of scientists, educators, magicians, legal experts, doctors, and others who are tired of the uncritical acceptance of pseudo-science by the media and the public, CSICOP seeks to provide the skeptical, rational side of many controversial topics, such as UFO's, astrology, psychic power, the Bermuda Triangle, crop circles, etc. Their site is a treasure trove of information, anecdotes, experiments, and links.


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