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Students and teachers are given an opportunity to choose to participate in one of five domains of activities hosted at Cornell University, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Fermi National Laboratory, Stanford University, and Wayne State University. The scope of activities and projects available at these locations are described in this page and in the Research Projects page..

Organizational Considerations

We describe the logistics of the REU/RET activities at participating locations.

Travel, housing, and human resources

We assist students in planning their travel to the site of their experience. We also assist them in procuring housing accommodations on or off site. The project budget includes monies to cover travel and housing expenses. FNAL provides housing accommodation in the form of (male and female) residences, as well as on-site one- or two-bedroom apartments. We arrange, in collaboration with mentors at the various locations, for participants to be provided an office, and relevant resources. These include local onsite bus facilities, cafeteria, Laundromat, and directions and orientation off site to find convenient access to local stores. In addition, we provide help with computer accounts and contact with local student groups so they are informed of both academic and entertainment activities.

FNAL and SLAC locations

The WSU summer REU program coincides with summer programs at FNAL and SLAC. Participants in our program thus also benefit from these local summer program activities at both locations. We inform participants that people working/living at DOE facilities are required to have health insurance. We assist them in procuring, if needed, the minimal health coverage required by DOE regulations. Participants' residence at FNAL/SLAC begins with the compulsory 2-day employee training that introduces them to the laboratory and provides safety training. Both labs host summer lecture series that our REU students are invited to attend. FNAL, SLAC, or on-site WSU scientists serve as mentors to REU participants depending on the year. We maintain a one-on-one mentoring philosophy, but there is flexibility due to nature of summer research projects.


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